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That's me Laura, I'm the founder and CEO of Le Petit Croissant, a company that I launched in January 2017 in Hong Kong. 

I've always loved good food. That's probably because I've always seen my parents cooking at home in France.


I started my work life in the food delivery industry in Hong Kong. I quickly became passionate about that sector which has been booming in the recent years.


Back then, I was the kind of person who had dozen business ideas per day and I was dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur. One day, the idea of Le Petit Croissant came to my mind & I never let it go. That's how I became anentrepreneur at the age of 24.


What an adventure it has been ever since...


Yes it's me again on that picture making bread in our old kitchen :)


Let me tell you how it all started. I was trying to get early breakfast delivered to me and I couldn't find any that was opening early enough and making really good pastries. So I thought that maybe I wasn't the only one looking for that service. And well, I told myself that I would bake myself and deliver to people even though it implied to wake up really early. 

So I figured out how to open a business in Hong Kong. It wasn't so difficult as I am the sole owner of the company. And I started the business only 3 months after I got the idea, which is pretty fast. During those 3 months, I found a company name, I registered the company, I created a website and I organized the operations.

When I started the business, I used to be in the kitchen every night. After my night shift, I did all the deliveries by myself. During the day, I would work on the website and customer acquisition. It was intense but extremely rewarding. 

Laura Dagoneau Landry CEO Le Petit Croissant Hong Kong

Launching my company was probably the best thing I ever did! Becoming an entrepreneur was my dream and I will never regret taking the risk to start the adventure.


It has now been over 3 years that Le Petit Croissant delivers breakfast to the most recognized corporations in Hong Kong.


In 3 years, our production increased, our team grew and I opened in a second country which is Singapore in May 2019. 


I'm so proud of where we are now! My team is putting effort in delivering a service of great quality to every single client. 


Hong Kong has been a blueprint market now it's time for us to grow in Singapore!


Where next? I don't know yet!


You can follow our stories on Instagram @lepetitcroissantasia or sign up to our newsletter but let me tell you that you'll get hungry all the time with our food pictures ;) 

I am always happy to meet new people, entrepreneurs or future ones so feel free to drop me an email if you are interested to meet. My email is 

I look forward to delivering to you all. Yes it could be me knocking at your door with your breakfast delivery ;)

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