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  • How do I place an order?
    We recommend that you place your order online. If you're having any trouble, if you need menu recommendations or if you need specific payment terms, feel free to contact us at We also accept orders received by email.
  • How can I pay?
    We offer multiple payment options. 1. Credit Card (+4% extra fee) 2. Bank Transfers 3. Cheque or cash deposit 4. PayMe Note that we do not take any payment on delivery.
  • When is the latest time to place my order?
    Our cut off time is 5pm for the next day delivery. If your order is big, we would really appreciate to receive your order a few days ahead, which would help us to better anticipate. You can place your order up to 2 months early.
  • When can I be delivered?
    We deliver every day except Sunday from 7 am onwards. When placing your order, you have to pick a delivery time. We will deliver over a 30-minute timelapse around the time you picked.
  • What are the minimum order amount and delivery fee?
  • Can I pick up my order myself?
    Sorry this is not possible. We do not have a shop but large kitchens where we cook only.
  • Do you have corporate offers?
    Yes we offer 10% off to companies ordering 5 days a week with a minimum order of $1000 / day. Contact us to know more!
  • Do you do same-day delivery?
    Not at the moment!
  • What is the cancelation policy?
    We accept order cancelation under 5 pm the day before delivery if you order is smaller than $5000. If your order is bigger than $5000 or if you cancel after 5 pm, we cannot guarantee a full refund.
  • Is my order confirmed?
    If you placed your order online, then your order is automatically confirmed. If you placed your order by email, please make sure you received our official invoice which is the proof of confirmation of your order. If you want to double check anything, feel free to email us at
  • How can I track my order?
    You can call or whatsapp Laura at 5534 2735 or Max at 9211 6717, or send an email to
  • I want to join the team!
    We knew it! There is nothing easier. Send us your resume and cover letter that will make us pick up at!
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